I'm Majid Mollaeefar

Cybersecurity | Privacy Enthusiast.


About Me

I am a highly skilled and experienced cybersecurity researcher with a focus on risk management, IT security, risk assessment and analysis, data protection, and compliance regulations. My extensive research background has equipped me with strong analytical skills, including the ability to design and conduct studies, analyze data, and present findings to a wide range of audiences. I hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer science and Systems engineering from the University of Genova, Italy.



Ph.D. Cybersecurity Posture
University of Genova, Genova, Italy
Nov 2018 - Nov 2022


Dissertation: “Automating the Quantification and Mitigation of Risks for Multiple Stakeholders”


Advisor: Prof. Silvio Ranise

Topics of Interest

  • Security and Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Threat Modelling
  • Security and Privacy Requirements
  • Privacy Preserving
  • Socio-Technical Systems
  • Security and Privacy Modelling
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Publications

    # Title Year
    A Risk-based Approach to Trustworthy AI Systems for Judicial Procedures
    Majid Mollaeefar, Eleonora Marchesini, Roberto Carbone, and Silvio Ranise.
    4th Ital-AI Workshop AI Responsabile e Affidabile
    The DPIA of an Enterprise Contact Tracing Solution: Lessons Learned at the Crossroads of Cybersecurity and Data Protection
    Majid Mollaeefar, Roberto Carbone, and Silvio Ranise.
    To be submitted
    Identifying and Quantifying Trade-offs in Multi-Stakeholder Risk Evaluation with Applications to the Data Protection Impact Assessment of the GDPR
    Majid Mollaeefar, and Silvio Ranise.
    Journal of Computers & Security
    Multi-Stakeholder Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Data Protection.
    Majid Mollaeefar, Alberto Siena, and Silvio Ranise.
    17th International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT 2020)
    3 A novel encryption scheme for colored image based on high level chaotic maps.
    Majid Mollaeefar, Amir Sharif, and Mahboubeh Nazari.
    Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications
    4 A novel method for digital image steganography based on a new three-dimensional chaotic map.
    Sharif, Amir, Majid Mollaeefar, and Mahboubeh Nazari.
    Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications
    5 An improved method for digital image fragile watermarking based on chaotic maps.
    Nazari, Mahboubeh, Amir Sharif, and Majid Mollaeefar.
    Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications
    6 A novel method for image encryption using chaotic maps.
    Amir Sharif, Majid Mollaeefar, M. Habibi, and M. Nazari.
    3rd international conference on applied research in computer and information technology.
    7 An improved method for image encryption based on high level chaotic maps and improved gravity model.
    Majid Mollaeefar, Amir Sharif, M. Habibi, and Mahboubeh Nazari.
    International Congress on Technology, Communication and Knowledge (ICTCK).


    Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Via Sommarive 18, Trento, 38123, Italy.

    Email: m[surname]@fbk.eu